The Most Dangerous Sex Positions Revealed

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Jan 27, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • The "woman on top" positions are the most dangerous.
  • Such positions may cause penile fractures.
  • More than half of the patients got penile fractures.
  • The study found out missionary position to be the safest.

If Kamasutra is/was one of the books you want/wanted to read, you are going to be disappointed after reading this, though on the upside, you will stay safe and enjoy your sex life without any risk of fractures. Well, you read it right, fractures. With so many sex positions available for trying, the chances of your experiencing an amazing sexual encounter with your partner are quite high, but there are also chances of you getting a penile fracture from some of these positions. Be aware of such dangerous sex positions that can ruin your sex life.

dangerous position

A 2014 study published in the journal Advances in Urology claims that the ‘woman-on-top’ positions are the most dangerous positions. The researchers found out that the ‘cowgirl’ position is the most dangerous position of all. The team of researchers from Canada observed patients with suspected penile fractures in three Brazilian hospitals. Among all the cases that were confirmed by the doctors, they found out that more than half of the patients got penile fracture from having sex with woman on top.

The researchers were quoted saying "Our hypothesis is that when the woman is on top, she usually controls the movement with her entire body's weight landing on the erect member, not being able to interrupt it when the member suffers a wrong penetration. On the contrary, when the man is controlling the movement, he has better chances of stopping the penetration energy in response to the pain related to the harm, minimizing it."

cow girl

While penile fractures are somewhat uncommon and a rare phenomenon, one can leave a man  shaken causing embarrassment and fear. It can also prevent any further chances of a successful sex life for him. The researchers found that out of 44 men with fractures, twenty-eight men sustained fracture during heterosexual sex, four during homosexual sex, six after member manipulation and four due to unclear reasons. Almost half of them even described hearing a cracking sound accompanied by pain during the injury.

The study claims that a sexual intercourse with 'woman on top' is the potentially riskiest sexual position. They also found out that the safest sex position is the missionary position as it allows both partners proper access, especially the man, reducing the risk of such penile injuries. Hope you will consider the observations and keep your sexual life healthy.

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