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The magic of fragrances

By  , Jagran Cityplus
Feb 04, 2011
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reating desirable situations and good health with fragrances is called Aroma Therapy. Aroma Therapy employs positive effect on mind, body and spirit. Here are a few of the commonly known essential oils and scents that affect our body, mind and soul.




o  General: Gives mental stability, self-confidence and creates general wellness.

o  Magical: Helps in settling down and bring an end to turmoil. Brings peace and harmony.



o  Anti-depressant: Curbs anti-social behaviour and promotes self-confidence.




o  General: Relieves mental shock. It is calming, soothing and dispels anxiety and irritability. Stimulates memory, relieves pain, anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, laxative and sedative. Kick starts digestive and respiratory system and also the heart rate.

Magical: Awakens past life memories, psychic awareness and is a power oil.




o  General: Enhances positive outlook, will and determination. It is a general health tonic.

o  Magical: Enhances mental health, energy and love. 




o  General: Clears confusion, calming, cleansing and general feeling of wellness.

Magical: Enhances vibrations of spirituality, causes purification of thoughts and is a grounding oil.




o  General: Dispels fears, awakens will and courage, removes apathy and laziness. It is a general tonic.

o  Magical: It is aphrodisiac. Builds confidence and strength.




General: Gives courage, enhances memory, makes focus clear.

o  Magical: Creates a feeling of energy and a feeling of passionate love.




o  General: Clears negativities and gives will to live. It is an antiseptic and also clears breath.

Magical: Gives divine help during poojas and hawans.






General: Promotes openness of mind, trust and stimulates clear thought. Eases breathing. It is an antiseptic and expectorant.

o  Magical: Purification, communication and angel/spirit contact.




o  General: Removes laziness, fear and insomnia. Overcomes excessive sensitivity.

o  Magical: It is an aphrodisiac. Promotes dreams and visions, good fortunes for fulfilling of financial and romantic needs.




o  General: Dispels anxiety, suspicion and sadness. Treats headaches and insomniac. It's calming, good for general health and antiseptic.

o  Magical: It calms, gives health, love, and brings comfort to the whole family.




General: Awakens instincts, gives the body a capacity for healing itself.

o  Magical: Passion, used by men and women to attract a mate.




General: Creates harmony, eases jealousy and creates calm.

Magical: It is love oil, good for enhancing spirituality.

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4.8 / 5(4 Ratings)
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