The Little Flying Killers

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Sep 17, 2012

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The little flying killersResearchers have declared the discovery of this new breed to be a worrying sign. This is mainly because these mosquitoes do not behave like the normal ones. With nearly one million people dying each year due to mosquito bites, this new entry has raised an alarm. Malaria is knocking on our doors again. [Read: Malaria Vaccine Coming Soon]

Much of this mosquito menace is taken care of with the help of mosquito nets as it stops the female anopheles from reaching us at night. The female anopheleses suck on the blood when they are in need for their egg cycle production at night. The new breed of mosquitoes does not wait for night. They attack in the early evenings when people go outdoors. The greater fear is that scientists could not even match the DNA with any current variety of mosquitos. They even did not physically represent other know malaria mosquitoes. [Read: Tips for Avoiding Mosquito Bites]

This has made things so much difficult because one of the most important tool for battling malaria which is the net is now of no use. These neat little soldiers of death are here with a different strategy. The worst thing is that no one yet knows what they are.


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