The 4 most common pressure cooker mistakes to avoid starting today

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Aug 24, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Pressure cooking requires right amount of liquid.
  • Only some foods are suitable for pressure cooking.
  • Use spices effectively to make your pressure cooked food more delicious.
  • Avoid over-cooking food in the pressure cooker.

Cooking is never easy unless you know exactly what to do. Ironically, things that appear easy take the most time and are capable of even ruining your plans of cooking a nice meal. Pressure-cooking is one such thing. It appears so easy that you often focus on other parts of cooking, and the food ends up nothing close to what you anticipated. If you can relate to this, don't curse the pressure cooker. Instead, blame the mistakes you make while pressure-cooking your food. Here are some blunders people commonly make with pressure cookers.


common pressure cooker mistakes


You just flood it

Pressure-cooking needs to have the right amount of liquid inside the cooker. However, people often add too much liquid, making the food tasteless. Pressure cooker evaporates less than a tablespoonful of liquid while cooking. Add only as much liquid as needed.


Boiling spree

Boiling food in a pressure cooker is best for only certain types of foods such as stews and stocks. Don't boil everything in it. Instead, use a stir pan whenever suitable.


making mistakes with pressure cooker



People don't use spices correctly when they pressure cook something. To make your food amazingly delicious, use fresh herbs and spices whenever possible. Whenever not possible, add crushed herbs for better taste and aroma.


No sautéing

People often add onion, garlic cloves raw to their pressure cooker, which ruins the taste and aroma of their dishes. Pressure-cooking preserves the pungent flavour, making the food less appealing to your tongue. Sauté the onions and garlic first in a pan and then add it to the pressure cooker.

So, pay attention to how much liquid you add to your pressure cooker and what should be actually cooked in it. Also, make sure you use your sauté pan as often as required. Minus these mistakes, your pressure cooking would no more be a tale of over-cooked, tastless food.


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  • Amrita25 Aug 2015

    Very useful article. I'm guilty of using too much water. I'm always afraid that i haven't added enough and regret it later. But i have learnt my lessons.

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