The first sign of breast cancer is not always a lump

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Nov 09, 2016

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As per a new study, 1 out of every 6 women go to the doctor with a symptom other than lump.  Till date, it is believed that the most obvious first sign of breast cancer is a lump.


The women with other symptoms called as non lump symptoms may feel nipple tenderness, pain in breasts, skin abnormalities including discolouration, ulceration, shape abnormalities and an infected or inflamed breast.


breast cancer


This study was conducted by University College London, where the data of 2,300 women with breast cancer  were analyzed. The data retrieved was from 2009-2010. During this study, the researchers classified the patients based on their symptoms. About 83% of women had a breast lump, 7% percent had nipple abnormalities, 6% had breast pain, 2% had breast skin abnormalities and 1% had breast ulceration.


Less than 1% each had abnormalities of the contour of the breast or breast infection. Some very rare symptoms were also observed with 1% women having a lump in the armpit, 1% experienced back pain and less than 1 percent experienced muscle pain or breathlessness.


A disease like breast cancer need to be addressed with a grace. It is very much required to increase awareness among the population for a better understanding of its symptoms. An early diagnosis and treatment is very important for a better control of this disease.


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