tetanus diagnosis and prognosis

tetanus diagnosis and prognosis

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Tetanus Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • Prognosis of Tetanus

    Prognosis of Tetanus

    Prompt diagnosis and treatment are vital in order to improve the prognosis of tetanus. Some factors which increase the risk of disease getting severe, and therefore that of poor prognosis, are short incubation period, neonatal tetanus, elderly age, and no previous tetanus vaccine.

  • Diagnosis of Tetanus

    Diagnosis of Tetanus

    Tetanus in most cases is diagnosed clinically based on medical history and physical examination. During physical examination, the doctor will check for muscle spasms and rigidity (such as in the facial region called lockjaw, difficulty in swallowing or at the site of injury), the characteristic features of tetanus. In most cases, lab tests are not required to diagnose tetanus.

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