Is your Hearing Ability Intact? Check for Yourself

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Nov 28, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Hearing loss is a result of ageing.
  • Loud noises make ears age faster.
  • Use environmental sounds to check hearing.
  • Take help from friends to examine hearing loss.

Beware men! Because these statistics are going to blow your ears off. A research from Johns Hopkins University showed that men are five times more likely to suffer from hearing loss than women and, approximately 48 million Americans suffer from it at least in one ear.

According to Alison Grimes, Au.D., Director of Audiology and Newborn Hearing Screening at UCLA Health System, ageing triggers loss of hearing abilities. An irreversible damage is caused to the outer hair cells when the sounds become too loud. These hair cells are responsible for amplifying the outside sounds.

Grimes adds that the ageing of your ears fastens up when you expose them to loud noises originating from your earphones, overly amplified earbuds or even from car horns or ambulance sirens.

Hearing Loss Tests

Although no one can prevent the ear damage but, there are few ways with which you can reduce the impairment. Use the following measures:

  • Stay away from loud noise
  • Reduce the volume of your television or music system even if it isn’t too loud for you
  • Once you have exposed yourself to loud noises, give your ears a break for at least 10 minutes
  • Avoid exposure to low-frequency sounds for long durations
  • If there are some unavoidable noises in your office or in your environment, cover your ears with appropriate earplugs

However, even after taking these precautionary measures you are curious to test your hearing abilities or suspect that there is something already wrong with your ears you could use the following tests for a quick check.

Hearing Loss Tests

Use the Environment to Check

Step outside and try to listen to sounds around you. If your hearing power is damage-free, you shall be able to hear subtle noises in the environment, like the rustling of leaves. But, if you suffer from hearing loss, you may not be able to perceive these sounds.

Ask for Another Pair of Ears    

While you are checking your hearing abilities, a single pair of ears may not suffice and you may require more than just one pair. So, take help from a friend. Visit a public place and ask them to make out the conversation between two or more random people talking to each other. If your friend can pick it up comfortably and you are not, you must get an appointment fixed.

Even if you think your hearing is on par, take up these tests to be sure.

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