Ten ways to keep your husband happy in bed

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Jan 28, 2013

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Ten ways to keep your husband happy in bed

Physical intimacy is important in any marital relationship. What an intense lovemaking session is an ultimate way of expressing love to their partners. Now, if sex is getting mundane it is time for you to spice it up! Here are the top ten ways to keep your husband happy in bed:

  • Foreplay is important as we all know.  Relax your senses and your husbands’ too by giving him a nice body massage! This may even help you arouse your partner. It’s good to lead the sexual act sometimes! One can also use edible food items such as whipped cream and strawberries when indulging in foreplay. Some naughty fun can actually lead to an intense love making session.
  • Surprising him is the trick. A surprise usually is thinking out of the box and something which is remotely expected. Now let your mind run on this!
  • Revamp your lingerie collection. Wear something sexy that might arouse your husband. Spray some perfume on yourself along with light makeup and see your husband revitalise your sex life automatically.
  • Create the ambience. Switch off the television when your husband walks into the house. Play some soothing music and turn the lights off. Place candles strategically in the room and leave sticky notes for him in visible places for him to follow. Every act should be an adventure not so tedious but just enough to make him excited.
  • Leave two glasses of wine, a wine bottle and some confetti on the bed. Give your husband time to freshen up and change.
  • Pretend like it is the first time. And do not hesitate to be experimental. But the focus should be on reciprocal relaxation. Sex comes to a standstill when it is treated like a chore or an everyday activity. Most married couples forget that sex is not just an act of gratifying the carnal but something that should appeal to the senses as well. One should explore and discover each other’s fantasies and expectations in order to keep the husband happy in bed.
  • Apart from that, the best way to keep a man happy in bed is giving him a best early morning sex. This is the best thing a wife can do to keep her husband happy for the rest of the day.
  • Husbands often find it to be a turn off if the wives act like tailor's dummy on bed. Participate and initiate acts to make it more fun.
  • Ignore distractions. Often family members, children and other daily chores keep you away from expressing yourselves in bed. Avoid all distractions during a lovemaking session. Make sex not just an act of intercourse but a session of making love and this can be achieved by eye contact and flirtations. After all there’s a difference between making love and having sex. If you know what we mean!



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