Ten make up mistakes that women make

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Jul 30, 2010
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make up mistakesWomen all over the world have always been extremely curious about colouring and enhancing their features with make-up, but I  often seen that some of the most beautiful women lose out on the advantages of make-up due to their lack of knowledge about what colours suit their complexion and how to blend and contour their face and accentuate their features. 


Enlisted below are ten make-up mistakes that women commonly make and how to rectify them:


COMMON MISTAKE 1:  I have seen many women accentuate their cheeks like two tomato blobs that stand out from a mile!

CORRECTION:  Blusher always needs to be selected according to the skin colour. One should normally blend with two colours to highlight the cheekbones.


COMMON MISTAKE 2:   Always test a foundation on the jaw line of your face. Foundation should be one shade lighter than normal skin colour.

CORRECTION:  Always spot your face, neck and ears with a foundation matching your skin tone and blend gently. 


COMMON MISTAKE 3:  Vaseline or cream under lip colour is an absolute No! It'll only make the lipstick smudge and stain teeth.

CORRECTION:  Line the lip with a lip pencil and then apply lipstick on with a lip brush. Fill in the colour all over and then press a thin tissue on closed lips and dab tissue with a translucent powder. Apply a second coat of lipstick. This will help the lipstick last longer.


COMMON MISTAKE 4:  Most women neglect the lower eye lash when applying mascara. 

CORRECTION:  Always mascara the upper and lower lashes to make the eyes look larger and more defined.


COMMON MISTAKE 5:  Many women use talcum powder instead of compact powder or loose translucent powder ending up looking ghostly!

CORRECTION:  For the face and neck it is important to use a compact powder to keep make-up in place. 


COMMON MISTAKE 6:  Lipstick used as an entire make-up kit for eyes, cheeks and lips.

CORRECTION:  Never make an entire make-up kit with your lipstick. Use separate make-up for different areas of the face.


COMMON MISTAKE 7:  Never draw a stern line with eye-liner to define the eyes.

CORRECTION:  Always smudge the eyeliner very gently with a fine tipped sponge or an eye-pencil to give the eyes a softer effect. Wait 30 seconds and then smudge. 


COMMON MISTAKE 8:  Never use the same colour eye shadow all over the eye till the brow.

CORRECTION:  Basic eye make-up should always be done with three shades the main lid, the crease and under the eyebrow. Always use a very light shade below the brow to make the eyes look larger. Use a darker colour if you want to define the crease and a lighter one on the main lid. 


COMMON MISTAKE 9:  Do not apply eyebrow pencil as if you are ready for theatrics, many women draw severe lines and darken the eyebrow too much.

CORRECTION:  One could use a dark brown eyebrow pencil or even black eye shadow applied with a sponge applicator. Eyebrows need to be filled in for gaps and defined for shape.


COMMON MISTAKE 10:  Concealers should conceal flaws and not stand out like white patches!

CORRECTION:   Always dot the concealer very carefully and remember it should always be a shade lighter than your foundation. Make sure you blend in the concealer to match your skin tone, otherwise you'll end up with white patches.

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