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Feb 04, 2011

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Tell people they matterYou are out-going, gregarious, love to socialise and meet new people, and try your best to 'break the ice' or 'strike a chord'. But, your efforts result in a thud! So here's telling you some modus operandi in getting along with people.


You  & Them


Of course all of us are born with our set of traits, good or bad, whatever. But then judging somebody too soon and that too on face is not advisable. For example, at your work place, you notice that somebody is not doing a job as is supposed to be, what would you do? Criticism and complaint are two big NOs! Just chill and start a conversation and switch to the topic when you have brought the other person to a comfort level. Then explain the do's and don'ts. What we say is important but how we say is most important, it's a magic mantra that will do wonders as it has been doing for centuries.


Talk Positive


It's nothing like B+, from the movie 'No Entry'. There are volumes written about positive attitude and approach but you don't have to rummage through the experts' suggestions. When you see a job done nicely, give the concerned person an honest and sincere appreciation. Ask him or her the 'secret' of delivering so good. And when the other person talks, be genuinely interested and listen carefully, if you want (even if you don't), make notes. During the course if it seems that things are going off track, change the topic, because an argument is the last thing you want. Show respect for the other person's opinions. Never say, 'you're wrong'. 


Ear to Ear


The shortest distance between two people, or more, is a smile. It disarms the toughest and people do like, if not love a smiling face. When you meet others, wear that $ million smile and they will certainly be smitten. While on the telephone/cell phone, smile while talking as experts and sociologists say that it does convey the message to the person on the other side. Another magic mantra is, call a person by the name. Name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.


When you see a job done nicely, give the concerned person an honest and sincere appreciation. Ask him or her the 'secret' of delivering so good.


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