Technique for healing the heart chakra

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Mar 02, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Move hands around the chest region.
  • Visualise green colour green flowing from the heart chakra.
  • Make three anti-clockwise circles over it.
  • Imagine the chakra to clode like a window or door.

Since olden times, it has been believed that healthy being, happiness and spiritual concise are connected with chakras. Chakra system, consisting of seven main energy centres known as chakras, is believed to carry specific purpose in life. Literal meaning of chakra is ‘wheel of light’ that maintains balance of life, and when disturbed causes illness, ailment or disorder of some kind.

Healing of Heart Chakra, also known as fourth chakra has high significance due to health risks associated with heart and chest. Positioned in the middle of the chest, the heart chakra can be healed by adjustment of focal point. Furthermore, the fourth chakra is also associated with musical note ‘F’ along with green and pink colours. Any alteration or unbalancing of heart chakra leads to heart problems, asthma, lung cancer, breast cancer, pneumonia, upper back and shoulder problems.

Heart chakra

Emotional balance

Known as emotional balancer, heart chakra has considerable influence over human emotions of love, hate, inspiration, hate, compassion, anger, confidence and many more.

Steps to heal the heart chakra

  1. Position hands over chest area, keep them moving around the chest region.
  2. Imagine that your chest is opening like a window or door from the centre. Besides, visualise green colour green flowing from the heart chakra.
  3. Visualise that green glow of the chakra continues to becomes prominent. Watch the glowing green shade flowing out from the chakra. Imagine the purification, energising and balancing of heart chakra.
  4. Follow balancing of chakra by taking out negative energy by making three anti-clockwise circles over it. Thereafter, rub it out from the hands until you feel that negative energy is eliminated completely and balancing act is accomplished.
  5. With your left hand, create three clockwise circles over the heart chakra. Thereafter, shake your hand or rub it. Repeat the act until balancing of energy is complete.
  6. Keeping in mind glowing green chakra, sweep hands over forehead for the least of seven times so as to maintain balance in seven of the chakras.
  7. The penultimate step of the heart chakra healing is visualising chakra to close like a window or door and gently brushing hands over the same portion.
  8. Grounding yourself is the last step of the technique.


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