Symptoms of Malaria in Children

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Jan 19, 2013

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Malaria is a mosquito borne disease that is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium. Since it is spread by infected mosquito bites it is extremely common in the tropical, subtropical and hot climates. Once the parasite enters the body it multiplies and infects the red blood cells. It is extremely common in children almost 2 million children annually die from malaria. There are some symptoms of malaria particularly associated with children.

Some of the symptoms of malaria in children include:


Early symptoms of malaria:

Initially the child with malaria infection shows the symptoms such as irritability and drowsiness, poor appetite and trouble in sleeping.

Early symptoms are quite similar to the other diseases and thus are not sufficient for malaria diagnoses.


Major symptoms of malaria

The upper-stated warning symptoms are later followed by chills, fever and finally rapid breathing. Within one to two days of early symptoms, fever of a child with malaria may go up-to 105° Fahrenheit (.i.e. 40.6° C).

Usually there are frequent and intense episodes of sweating even when the body temperature has returned back to normal.

Certain symptoms of malaria are often repeated after two to three days. For instance chills, fever, and intense sweating may repeat at frequent intervals depending on the species of parasite that has caused malaria infection. In case of falciparum malaria there are intense episode of fever and chills that are reported fatal in about twenty percent of cases.

Other symptoms of malaria

  • Abnormally large spleen, headache, nausea, aches and pains in back, abdomen and other parts of body are amongst the other symptoms of malaria.
  • Convulsions or lose consciousness is also seen in some of the cases when malaria have affected the brain.
  • When kidney is infected the urine produced by the child may be noticeably low.
  • The children who are poorly nourished require extra care. With proper treatment malaria can be cured in about two week time. 


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