Discover the symptoms of having a baby boy

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Sep 01, 2011
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  • Your baby bump will look like a basketball.
  • The baby's heartbeat will be less than 150/minute.
  • You would experience colder feet and drier hands.
  • The colour of your urine becomes bright yellow in colour.


Symptoms of having a Baby Boy Right from the time of conception the guessing game begins. While some couples decide to wait until their baby is born to find out its gender; the family, friends and even neighbours of expectant parents begin guessing the gender of the unborn child.



Many believe that the symptoms of having a baby boy are different from that of baby girl, while the others just take it as a fun exercise. There are many old wives' tales about symptoms of having a baby boy.


Some of these are given beflow along with the signs which are backed by medical science.

Your bump is like a basketball

It is believed that if belly of pregnant women looks like basketball then she is more likely to deliver a baby boy. Besides this, if you are carrying low and the weight gain is in the front, then your baby is a boy.


Absence of morning sickness

If you are not experiencing this problem in your early pregnancy then it is an important indicative symptom of having a baby boy.

Frequent headaches during pregnancy is another symptom of having a baby boy during pregnancy.


Baby's heartbeat is less than 150/minute

It is another sign that you are expecting a baby boy if the heart beat of the baby is less than 150 per minute.


Craving for salty & sour foods

Baby boy gives mother craving for salty and sour food. You may also crave for protein rich food such as cheese and meat.


Colour of areolas become darker

It is also believed to indicate the gender of child. If colour of your areolas has becomes darker then consider it as baby boy symptom.


Dry hands and colder feet

Dry hands are also believed to be a baby boy pregnancy symptom. Feet of expectant mother with male child are comparatively colder than one who is carrying a female child. The hair on the leg grows faster than before.


Personality of expectant mother changes

The sex of the child significantly influences the personality of would-be mother. According to a paper published in the Scientific Journal of Personality and Individual differences, women with bold, dominant and aggressive traits (traits that are considered to be masculine) are more likely to bear a baby boy because women with these traits have higher amount of testosterone, which creates environment that is more receptive to male implantation.


Colour of urine changes

If you notice that your urine has turned bright yellow in colour then you may have a baby boy.


Ring test

It is a fun way of knowing baby’s gender. Tie your wedding ring with a thread or chain and swing it on your belly. If it moves in circles then you are likely to have a baby boy.


You can never bet on these signs to be the true indicator of the gender of a baby. But, chances increase if all these or most of them are noticed. It can help in naming your child before he or she is born, and also to develop an emotional bond by talking to your child based on that.


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  • GANGADHARAN13 Feb 2013
    Please give me tips to find whether my wife is going to give birth to a male baby or female baby?
  • Name08 Dec 2012
    Im carrying a baby boy just found put 3 days ago im 19 weeks i never really had morning sickness . I always crave sour n salty stuff . I have lots of headaches and my urine is dark yellow
  • poonam29 Sep 2012
    i m feel i have baby boy but confuse i m right or wrong ...who ever comes we will welcome them
  • poonam29 Sep 2012
    i m feel i have baby boy but confuse i m right or wrong ...who ever comes we will welcome them
  • Aman09 Sep 2012
    I am 7 weeks pregnant and from above given signs I think I am carrying a baby boy.
  • Akshay06 Sep 2012
    My wife is pregnant and having read these symptoms of conceiving a baby boy, I think she is carrying a baby boy.
  • sherin29 Aug 2012
    hai,now i am in 29weeks .i feel heavy weight in my abdomen .
  • smruti21 Aug 2012
    Tomorrow is my delivery date. Let how these myths are working. I will share the facts tomorrow.
  • Rewas20 Jun 2012
    Hi I have to written about my third pregent it is really different when I was pregent for two my beautiful doughter it was heavier morning sickness untill they were born but now I don't have any morning sickness and nuseas I think I have boy but Iam not sure yet . And many thanks every one