Symptoms of Bone Cancer in Spine

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May 18, 2012

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Symptoms of Bone Cancer in SpineBone cancer mostly occurs when it has spread from other parts of the body to the bone. A primary bone cancer in the spine is rare and such cancer can give rise to symptoms right at the initial stages of the disease when the healthy cells of the bone get destroyed. Cancerous tumours in the spine not only affect the spine, but also the spinal cord. Some of the apparent symptoms of cancer in the spine include fractures, weakness and numbness.


Weak Bones

Since the healthy cells of the bones get destroyed, the ones in your spine get weakened after being affected with the cancerous growth and may even break. Even a hairline fracture can cause a lot of pain, permanent damage and problems pertaining to movement. If you have a weak spinal cord, you may develop permanent issues with posture or movement because the spine is responsible for posture. A fractured spinal cord can severe or cut the nerves that exist in the nerves and thereby cause paralysis. If your spinal cord is weak or your bones have broken, you will have your shoulders hunching forward.



Pain in the neck or rear is the most common sign of a bone cancer in spine. The pain is usually persistent and will accompany other symptoms. As the tumour grows in your spine, it will pinch the nerves and it is this pinching of nerves that will cause pain. The pain is also experienced when the tumour pushes the spinal bones apart or when there is a fracture. The nerves that exist around the spinal bones can cause the bones to become damaged and therefore, painful by virtue of which you may experience a little tenderness upon touching the affected area. The tenderness is rather a warning sign that the cancer has grown big enough to affect the surrounding health tissues. Therefore, you must ensure that you get yourself checked as soon as you feel slight tenderness in any part of your back.


Neurological Symptoms

As the cancer grows, it pinches the nerves that exist in and around the cord, which can cause your arms and legs to go numb. There is a chance that you may experience tingling sensation in your limbs owing to the fluctuation of pressure on the nerves. With time, you will have trouble walking or feel clumsy and lose control of your bowels and bladder.


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