Surprising Ways You Are Destroying Your Teeth

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Mar 06, 2015

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  • Your teeth are prone to damage.
  • Pressure and using your teeth as a tool can damage them.
  • Poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of oral problems.
  • Never miss an appointment with your dentist.

Love your smile? You should, after all, your smile has an amazing effect on everyone. It’s the window to happiness and joyous moments. And yes, we know that you have been very careful about your oral health, especially your teeth. You brush and floss your teeth daily. However, you may still be harming them. Don’t be surprised as most of us are doing similar things to our teeth. Even if we take our oral health seriously we do several things that may harm our teeth. Here are some harmful actions that may harm your teeth without you even realising it.

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No Dentist

You brush and floss daily and do everything you say in that recent ad to remove plaque from your teeth. But you never bother to pay a visit to your dentist. It is a well-known fact that if anyone can identify any damage to your teeth then it’s your dentist. Not visiting your dentist only allows the damage to cause further harm to your teeth and delay the treatment.

Poor Oral Care

While not visiting your dentist is a huge mistake, forgetting to brush and floss your teeth daily can be a disaster for your oral health. You are only allowing your teeth to decay and get damaged. Make sure you brush your teeth twice every day. Also don’t forget to floss your teeth daily. Use a fluoride toothpaste that your dentist recommends you.

side to side brushing

Side to Side Brushing

Your need to brush your teeth daily, but you also need to do it properly. You need to brush in circular motions. Side to side motion doesn’t clean your teeth properly. Plague has a better chance of growing between the joins of your teeth when you brush only side to side.

Teeth as a Tool

Using your teeth to cut something that your hand failed to break may solve your problem for the time being but it can damage your teeth for the long-term. Don’t cut that rope with your teeth and for goodness’ sake stop using your teeth to open coke bottles or can.

Chewing Ice

Our teeth don’t have great fracture resistance to sustain force and when you are chewing ice with your teeth there is also thermal aspect to it that can worsen the damage. Chewing ice puts your teeth under a lot of pressure and contact with way too cold temperatures. You are very likely to damage the enamel on your teeth.


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