Study: Indians Don’t Get Healthy by Drinking

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 16, 2012

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Healthy drinkingWhy is drinking discouraged in India, while the same is promoted in European Nations? A recent European research claims that drinking has positive effects when consumed in a definite pattern. Latest announcement by UK House of Commons advise Britons to abstain from alcohol for only two days a week, so as to repair the liver. Earlier, lawmakers gave green signal to moderate consumption of drinks.

Nutrition experts have several opinions on the patterned alcohol intake. Word of mouth has already circulated myths like beer flushes out kidney stones, wine reduces heart attack and treatment of diabetic condition. The fact is, Low alcohol content drink ‘beer’, which has become very popular alcoholic beverage in urban regions, has no connection with flushing out stones. On the contrary, beer has ‘purine’ to raise risk of uric acid stones. Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) also turned down the idea of alcohol benefits like cardiovascular protection of any kind.

However, binge-drinking pattern of Indians do weigh them more in comparison to controlled drinking habit of Europeans, in context of risks associated with alcohol consumption. So, here lies the health advantage with Europeans that drink moderately on daily basis. Another study has put forth the conclusion that Indians consuming low content alcoholic drinks don’t derive benefits out of it, unlike Europeans.

Hard liquor like whisky and rum are popular among Indians, whereas Europeans drink beer and wine majorly. Survey of World Health Organization revealed facts that 88% of Indians regularly drink hard alcoholic drinks, while percentage of beer and wine is meagre 12%.



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