Stretching Exercises for Pregnant Women

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Jun 14, 2011

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Stretching has several benefits for pregnant women. During pregnancy stretching will enhance your flexibility, prevent and even treat certain amount of back pain. Best thing about stretching is that this can be done anywhere and anytime.


Shoulder Rotation


This is a simple exercise that helps you to be fit during pregnancy. Shoulder rotation can be done simply while sitting or standing, you need not to take out extra time from your schedule. Move your shoulder in circular manner i.e. move them upward, downward, backward and forward direction. This exercise helps to get rid of problem of rounded shoulder, a common problem during pregnancy.


Neck Stretch


Bend your head forward so that your chin touches your chest. Now slowly rotate it in clockwise direction. While moving your head you will feel slight stretch in your neck muscles. When you come back to original position then slowly rotate your neck anti clock wise. Remember that you do not do it in hurry; time taken to complete one rotation must be 15 seconds.


Waist Twist


Another stretching exercise for pregnant women is waist twist. For ensuring stability, stand with your feet apart and the knees must be slightly bent.

Stretch both the arms at your left shoulder height. Look at your right while doing so. Hold this stretch for few seconds and then slowly reverse the motion with your right arm while looking over your left shoulder.




Sit down with straight back. Bend your knees towards the right and bring your feet closer to your body. Now use your left hand to hold your left ankle and extend your right arm overhead. Breath in and hold your breath for few seconds and exhale while returning to your initial position. Repeat the entire procedure with your left leg and right hand.


Calf Stretch and Wall Push Up


  • Stand two feet away from wall (facing wall).
  • Now, extend your hands and bend your elbows to reach the wall. Inhale while leaning forward. Make sure that floor is not slippery and you are not wearing slippery foot-wear or socks.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles and exhale. Meanwhile push yourself away from wall to come back to original position.
  • Depending on your comfort this can be repeated eight to ten times.


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