Stress as Damaging as Smoking Five Cigarettes a Day

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Dec 18, 2012

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Stress as Damaging as Smoking Five Cigarettes a Day

Being stressed can cause your health condition to fall, the effect is similar to that of the damage caused when one smokes five cigarettes a day. This new research conducted by Columbia University Medical Centre researchers showed that people who reported feeling anxious and overwhelmed were 27 per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack. The details of the study were published in the American Journal of Cardiology.


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The researchers took a look at previously done studies where people had been asked about their perceived stress with questions such as ‘how stressed do you feel?’ and ‘how often are you stressed?’ Then the whole group was separated into high stress and low stress scores, who were then followed for 14 years in order to track the number of heart attacks that happened respectively.


The result showed that those people who were most stressed were 27 per cent more likely to have a heart attack.  Then on calculating the effect it had on people, the researchers could only compare it to smoking five cigarettes a day.


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