Strategies for Coping with Gestational Diabetes

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Aug 23, 2011

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Strategies for Coping with Gestational Diabetes

Being diagnosed with a condition like gestational diabetes that can affect the baby's health and can also be distressing for the parents (especially the mother). The constant worry about the baby’s health and well-being can make it harder for the mother to take care of herself. Many times under stress the mother may neglect her health, eat the wrong foods or forget to exercise.


Knowledge regarding the prognosis of the condition, measures that can reduce the risk of complications (for the baby and mother) can help you to manage your gestational diabetes better. Read to know about strategies for coping with gestational diabetes which can help you to have a healthy and complication free pregnancy.


Know about your Disease

  • Read about gestational diabetes.
  • Talk to your doctor or other women who have had gestational diabetes.
  • Join a support group for women with gestational diabetes.

This will help to you to develop a positive outlook as most women with well controlled blood glucose levels can have healthy babies (just like women without gestational diabetes).


Follow your Doctor’s Recommendations

  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations on exercise and diet (such as eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables, limit intake of starchy food).
  • Take all your medications as recommended by your doctor.
  • Go for regular prenatal visits.

When you are aware about what to expect in your condition you will feel more in control of your disease and can care better for yourself.


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