Stop Drinking Coffee if it Perks you Up

By  , Daily Mail
Jun 18, 2013

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Brewing coffee from coffee machineYour daily morning ritual of drinking a cup of coffee may seem like a refreshing start to the day, but if you happen to get perked up by it then you should stop this habit now. It seems like it concentrates the mind and acts as a pick-me-up, but a new study says that it is something quite different.

The latest research suggests that the familiar buzz doesn’t actually give us a lift but in fact fights the caffeine withdrawal symptoms which are fatigue, mental fogginess and a dull headache that have kicked in since the last cup. The alarming news is that this morning ritual could actually be a sign of mass drug dependency among people.

Peter Rogers, who is professor of Biological Psychology at Bristol University and a leading expert on caffeine, says, 'People who consume caffeine regularly will become dependent on it - if you take caffeine away from them, they will function below par. 'They just don't function normally without the drug on board. If it's your first tea or coffee of the day, it gets you back to normal, but beyond that you don't get much more of a kick.'

Professor Rogers who has studied caffeine for more than 20 years have given up caffeine and says that caffeine is not of any help in particular and in fact triggers withdrawal and increase the blood pressure, this is definitely not a very good development for the body.

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