Soil Bacteria help Kill Cancer Tumours

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Sep 23, 2011

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Soil Bacteria Help Kill Cancer TumoursBacteria present in soil can help to treat cancer tumour, according to researchers from UK and Netherland. Researchers from the University of Nottingham in the UK and the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands have found bacteria (Clostridium sporogenes) in soil to combat cancer. While presenting their work at a conference in York, England, the lead researchers said that by 2013 they expect to test the strain in cancer patients. If successful this method will be combined with other treatment methods of combating cancer.


When Clostridium sporogenes is directly injected in the tumour it grows there and releases an enzyme that triggers the separately injected drug to kill cancer cells. However, researchers have to do many improvements to take the lab tested experimental therapy to clinical trial. One improvement is to insert gene into the DNA of the bacterium. This will enhance the bacterium’s ability to trigger the ‘pro-drug’ in its active state.


Nigel Minton, main researcher of the study explained that Clostridium sporogenes is a good candidate (candidate therapy doesn't affect healthy cells) for cancer therapy. This is because this bacterium thrives in the environments that have low oxygen level. He further stated that when Clostridiumis is injected in the body of a cancer patient it will grow only in the oxygen depleted area .i.e. centre of solid tumour.


According to Minton, Clostridium sporogenes will help to fight all ypes of tumours. It will be a better alternate to surgical removal of tumour, especially in the areas that are difficult to reach. Therefore, Clostridium can eventually come up as the safe and simple way to deal with different types of solid tumours.



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