Effects of Social Networking

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Dec 13, 2012

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Social Network contributes to Excess Eating and Spending

Being active on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can cause you to lower you self control, thus leading to over eating and over spending.


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The research suggested that by taking part in on-line social networks can have a detrimental effect on consumer well-being by lowering their self-control. The study found that being active on social networking sites could mean an upping at self esteem and general well being, however these increased feelings of self-worth can have a detrimental effect on behavior. Facebook and other such social networking sites have consumers who care about their image that they present to friends and others Therefore, this momentary increase in self-esteem will definitely lead one to display less self-control after browsing a social network, researchers said.


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Interestingly, it was found that users of facebook would choose an unhealthy snack after browsing mingling with close friends and that is due to enhanced self-esteem. Higher body-mass index, increased binge eating, a lower credit score, and higher levels of credit card debt for consumers were attributed to people who had many close friends in their social network.


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