Scientists have discovered cure for snoring

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Jan 25, 2017

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Snoring cure discovered A new device which works on the principle of the pacemaker can help to cure snoring. A team of scientists have claimed that after implanting the device underneath a person’s tongue, it could help to stop him from snoring. The implant, called the Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation System is able to control the function of a particular nerve that controls the muscles of tongue. The intensity of sleep apnea, a major cause of snoring, can be reduced by controlling these muscles.


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How the snoring implants work

The implant causes the muscles of the tongue to contract. Since most people with the snoring problem are tongue-snorers, i.e. the tongue and the soft tissue that surrounds it falls back in the airway, causing the tissue to vibrate with the flow of inhaled and exhaled air. A generator type of device is surgically created in the chest with wires that are tunnelled inside the skin. The windpipe is connected to the generator through the wires going underneath the skin.


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The electrode implanted close to the hypoglossal nerve that is beneath the tongue has sensor wires running into the windpipe that detects the changes in air pressure in the throat. As soon as a drop in pressure is registered for a long period of time, the electrode signals the tongue muscles, with the effect that they are pulled away from the airway, while the patient is able to breathe properly again. A very good feature of the implant is that it works only when required, i.e. when you are asleep. You have the option of turn it on or off if needed by using remote control.


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