Sniff your way to your dream mate

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Jun 30, 2010

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Couple in loveLooking for your dream mate?  Then its time for you to put your nose to work as a new study has revealed that finding the perfect partner has more to do with the subtle odour they might carry with them rather that their looks or their bank balance.


Cardiff University researchers have revealed that every person has a unique, individual smell or "odour-type" as well as an "immuno-type," the body's natural defence mechanism, which fights off ailments and people tend to be attracted to those who have immuno-types different to their own genetic make-up, meaning, 'opposites do attract.'


Evidence is mounting that humans can not only distinguish between individuals by body odour, but also actively select mates on the bases of smell, as smell is said to have direct access to the more primitive regions of the brain concerned with mood, emotion and memory and can activate regions of the brain without being consciously perceived.


Perfume selection could also say a lot more about a person as we choose perfumes based on their closeness to our immuno-genetic status in order to magnify the chemical signals sent to potential partners.


The researchers believe that kissing could also help a person find their dream partner, as when people kiss, the nose gets in contact with those parts of the skin which secrete these compounds.


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