Smoking during Pregnancy Increases Baby’s Asthma Risk

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Sep 03, 2012

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Smoking during Pregnancy Increases Babys Asthma Risk

Babies of mothers, who smoked during their pregnancy term, are likely to have a higher risk of asthma even if they are not exposed to passive smoke after being born, suggests a European children study. There, however, is no clear connection between smoking during pregnancy and asthma risk in babies.

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The study examined 21,600 European kids, out of which 735 kids were exposed to smoking in their gestational age, but not after birth. It was found that such kids were two-third times more susceptible to the development of asthma than kids of mothers, who didn’t smoke during pregnancy. Smoking during the first trimester of pregnancy alone increases the chances of the foetus developing asthma after delivery. 

The study failed to show any direct link between prenatal smoking and higher asthma risk in babies. Apart from asthma, smoking during pregnancy exposes the foetus to the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, birth defects and certain childbirth complications. Therefore, mommies-to-be should quit smoking. [Read: How to Quit Smoking during Pregnancy]

The study was published online in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.



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