Sleep affects Brain Age

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 27, 2012

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According to the latest research carried out at the University of London Medical School, the duration of sleep affects brain age in late to middle aged people. The study claims that too little or too much sleep leads to the degeneration of brain cells and in most cases to an early death.

The study that was conducted on a group revealed that a quarter of women who had been deprived of appropriate six to eight hours of sleep faired pretty poorly in cognitive tests. Their vocabulary and reasoning powers also seemed impaired. The same was true for one in six men. Nearly seven to eight percent people who received better amounts of sleep displayed better cognitive powers.

This research is important in the context that in today’s world most of us are willing to forego our sleep in order to be more efficient and productive. However, in the long run, this attitude can adversely affect brain age depleting necessary skills such as vocabulary and cognitive powers.



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