Skinny Jeans Can Hurt Nerves

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May 24, 2012

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Skinny Jeans Can Hurt Nerves

Health experts have cautioned skinny jeans lovers that wearing tight jeans could affect their nerves. The fashion fad of skinny jeans is everywhere, at the shopping arcades, at work, at colleges. Skinny jeans can be flattering, but at the same time can also be harmful to health.

Fans of skinny jeans must realise the risk of nerve damage. Over the years, the reported cases of ‘meralgia paresthetica' have been growing at a rapid rate. Meralgia paresthetica is a disorder that causes numbness, pain and tingling in the upper leg muscles, mainly due to tight-and-trendy outfits. Nerves running across the outer part of a thigh get compressed and cause the disorder.

Dr. Karen Boyle of Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC) also underlined the aftermaths of wearing high heels along with skinny jeans. The combination poses health problem such as tilting the pelvis to increase the pressure on nerves. She warned that experiencing tingling sensation by tight denims should not be ignored, as it can leads to permanent damage.

It is observed that wearing high heels alters the pelvis position, tilting it and curving buttocks out a little bit. It also makes woman’s legs look longer, and they love it. In context of health, pelvis tilts accentuates more pressure on nerves, and condition worsens due to stilettos.

Some women describe the difficulty with the combo as floating sensation, wherein they have felt weak or have experienced pain in thigh. To be on a safer side, experts suggest putting on boots if you’re wearing skinny jeans. Alternatively, jeggings (leggings) or stretchable skinny jeans should be chosen. Moreover, women should always put on a bigger size body-hugging trouser, for comfort and more stretch.

If one experience persistent tingling and numbness in legs due to tight-fitting, abandon the skinny jeans you love!



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