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Cut Heart Risks to a Great Extent by Sleeping Six to Eight Hours Daily

By  , Agency News
Oct 09, 2013
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Quick Bites

  • Sleeping for six to eight hours everyday is recommended.
  • This could cut heart risks and strokes by a great degree.
  • Sleeping more than eight hours could be bad for your health.
  • The best period to sleep is six to eight hours daily.


six hours sleep to reduce heart diseaseYour erratic sleep could be reasons enough for an impending heart disease. A new research by Indian origin doctor Saurabh Aggarwal of Chicago Medical School have researched and found that sleeping for six to eight hours each night could help to cut the risk of heart problems and stroke.

Dr. Saurabh Aggarwal has found that people who sleep less than six hours a night were in fact twice likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke than when compared to those who sleep between six and eight hours. Those people who take less sleep also have two-thirds risk of congestive heart failure.

On the other hand the research has shown that if a person is sleeping for more than eight hours then this would double the risk of angina and increase the likelihood of coronary disease by about 19 per cent.

Dr. Aggarwal has said that about six to eight hours was the best period of sleep duration and those who sleep for more hours are at the highest risk of cardiovascular diseases.



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