Six things not to do after sex

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Apr 01, 2013
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Six things not to do after sex

The six things not to do after sex are as follows:

  • Never switch on the television after sex. This usually signifies that you want to have some time alone or in isolation. This often turns off  the partner .
  • Never pick up a fight after sex. This dissolves the entire purpose of indulging in a sexual act especially if your are figthing on the sexual act that gave rise to friction
  • Nagging. This should not be done on principle. Neither of the partners wants to be nagged after a fulfilling sexual intercourse. Some women crib for shopping sessions and men to catch their favourite soccer game on television – sex should follow an intimate cuddling session or a short nap. Sex should not immediately follow a quick switch back to our personal chores.
  • Never complain after having sex. Some individuals often grumble or complain about how fast and rash the love making session was. Keep these things for some other time.
  • Do not yell at the person about silly shortcomings such as soiling the new bed sheet or many such trivial matters.
  • Do not rush to the bathroom right after sex for a shower. Many individuals suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and cannot wait to clean up right after sex.



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