Single Junk Meal Increases Risk of Heart Diseases

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Oct 31, 2012

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Single Junk Meal Increases Risk of Heart Diseases

A single junk food meal, which is mainly composed of saturated fat, has a capacity to damage your arteries. Experts at the Montreal Heart Institute, led by Indian-origin researcher, found that a single portion of greasy hamburger, chips, fat-laden crisps or chocolate may raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack or stroke later in life.


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It was a comparative study on the effects of junk food and a typical Mediterranean meal on the ability of arteries to dilate after a temporary five-minute blockage. The study examined 28 non-smoking men, who ate a Mediterranean-type meal during the first week and then a junk food-type meal one week later.

After following a Mediterranean-style meal regimen, men’s arteries were found to dilate normally and maintain good blood flow, while the arteries of the study participants dilated 24 per cent less than they did while binging fast foods.

It was concluded that the key to prevent heart disease and conditions caused by clogged arteries is switching to a Mediterranean diet, which encompasses a variety of healthful foods such as fresh vegetables, olive oil and oily fish.

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