Simple Jab Could Beat Major Diseases

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Jul 20, 2013

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Antibody jab could beat diseasesWe can soon have a simple jab that could tackle a host of devastating diseases, suggests a study published in the journal Nature.

A team from the Institute of Ophthalmology, at University College London have pinpointed a protein responsible for the growth of "bad" blood vessels in the body. They have been working on creating a drug which can block this protein.

The breakthrough has massive implications for treating cancer, the eye condition age-related macular degeneration and rheumatoid arthritis. It is believed that the clinical trials could start in 18 months and the injection will be ready within five to seven years.

Professor John Greenwood, study's lead author, said that they have been able to show they can reduce this blood vessel growth by blocking a protein using an antibody drug. They are hoping that the jab will help those who are not responding to current treatments which are also targeting blood vessel growth.

So far, the panel has found the protein called LRG1 in tests on mice with a type of eye disease but they believe that the results are equally applicable to humans.


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