10 Signs of a Bad Relationship

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Sep 26, 2011

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Bad relationshipA good relationship can be very fulfilling and add to your personality and similarly, a bad relationship can leave such scars that do not heal. Since, there has never been and never will be a relationship without its share of problems, it is important to know when it has reached a stage when going ahead with it is futile.

If you find yourself faced with one or more of the following situations or emotions in your relationship, know that it may be headed towards its end –

  1. Always feeling frustrated – If you are never happy about the state of your relation with your partner, and feel that your emotional needs are not being met, it may be time for a rethink. You need to decide how long is long enough!
  2. Your personal life – If your personal life has taken a back seat and your partner insists on ending the activities you used to enjoy before your relationship, it is a cause for deep concern. Your partner should accept you with the knowledge of your hobbies and interests and actually be supportive of them.
  3. Too many compromises – Have you sacrificed your ambitions, dreams and core values just to make your relationship work? Is this something always troubling you? If such is the case, the relationship may not be worthwhile to continue.
  4. Communication – If your partner makes disparaging remarks about your dress or appearance repeatedly, it is not a good sign. A partner saying such things which accentuate the feeling of insecurity in you is not making for a healthy relationship.
  5. You feel you need to change – Have you completely changed the way you used to dress just to be more attractive to your partner?
  6. Spending time together – Do you look forward to being together with your partner or actually look for excuses to avoid staying together? If it is the latter, how about a rethink?
  7. Settling Disputes – There are bound to be disputes in a relationship but the way you settle them is the difference between one that is successful or ruined.
  8. Your relationship with others – If your partner shows a lack of respect for your relationship with others, it is a sign of unhealthy relationship. Moreover, does your partner seek to end your good relation with others? Not a good sign that.
  9. Getting physical – This is a sure sign of bad relationship. Even if you are having strong urges to get physical, know that it is not to be taken lightly and must be resolved.
  10. Mutual respect – If your partner cannot appreciate you for any achievement in life, or undermines you very often, it is a cause for concern.


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