Sex Tips on how to have a One-Night Stand

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Jun 07, 2011

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Here are some one-night stand sex tips which make it easy for you to have one -

  1. Make your intentions clear lest it turns out that you just slept with a person who was actually looking for a long-term relationship. Make sure that your date does not have delusions about having a family and kids and with you.
  2. Having said that, it is not right if you took all care but were not able to persuade your date to not expect doing it again, to dismiss it off-hand. It would be damaging for your personality.
  3. Do not make conversation on important issues of life such as life ambitions and family concerns.
  4. If you have followed the first tip on one night stand, it becomes an imperative that you show the guts to discuss STDs and latex condom. Do not forget your sex education at this naughty moment!
  5. If you have a thick romantic type of an accent, thumbs up for the one-night stand. You may not need a sex tip especially on one night stand to persuade a woman for getting laid. Such an accent works best but do not try to fake it if you are not good at it.
  6. After you are done with your sex and found it to be amazing, it would be ungracious if you did not knew the girl’s name. Do not ruin the moment by admitting this. Make up some sort of nick name with words such as sexy, hot, baby, cute or whatever you can think of. Make it one that is unforgettable.
  7. It would not be good to have brunch the next day. Regardless of how good your conversation was the previous day, it is best left at that. Going to a restaurant will only reinstate that you two are strangers. If you are a man and feel like acting as a gentleman, leave her a few dollars to have a little snack.
  8. Keep your conversation to small talk. Giving out information about your career, your last names, revealing relationship problems rather than talks about the weather and the like will make the situation go out of hand. Avoid these if you do not want a serious girlfriend. 
  9. If you are used to weird sex, do not try it on a one-night stand. This is because you might have bumped into a sex blogger who might relate her experience online. She might try to get hold of your name by asking your name or checking out your wallet.
  10. It is best for men that the place of the one-night stand is the woman’s bed and not theirs. It would make it difficult to slip away unnoticed if it were to happen in the man’s apartment.

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