10 Sex Secrets for you to Know

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Jan 21, 2013

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10 Sex Secrets for you to Know

Underneath your bed sheets and comfortable quilt, there lies a land much like the fantastical wonderland, only strictly for adults. You may have unravelled some of its mystical lanes and by lanes, however there are much more to be discovered.

To be young and lively is a gift; while keeping sex as a major part of life, here we are to help you find ten untold secrets about sex.


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Sex and Secrets

Sex is natural human tendency, it has been happening for a long time, men and women around the world are having sex, in fact as you read this there are people across the world engaging in sexual activity. The question about sex being a secret comes from our understanding that there are too many layers to it, in the modern context sex has become an innovation of sorts, something that can be worked upon and made better for maximum human satisfaction. Here are thirteen so called ‘secrets’ that you must know in order to be the boss of sex games.

Physical Appearance: Why is it that men are always drooling over glam dolls, and women are attracted by hunks? The reason being that physical attraction plays a very important role for sex, and so you must try and get fit and look fine for each other’s sake! Unless of course you are Hugh Hefner and own a Playboy mansion!

Grab Attention: Try and make yourself the shooting star that shows up once in a blue moon and everyone hold their breath in awe! If you grab enough attention from the opposite sex your partner will desire you even more, he or she wouldn’t want a hundred eyes prying on you now.

Explore the New: Same old sex is boring, do not just do it for the sake of doing it. You will realise that it is monotonous and chances are that you will soon lose interest in it very soon. The fact of the matter is that sex is not simply penetration, it involves a lot more!


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Do not reveal too much: Revealing too much all the time takes the fun away from sex, and this is a very important tip for the ladies. It is only fun when you allow that little bit of skin to show, and hide the rest, let your man go nuts imagining what it must be like behind the veil. If you are showing all you got all the time, then sex loses its excitement.


Talk Dirty: Dirty talking is the most important stimuli for sexual desire; it is all about the imagination. Always know that it is the anticipation that works best, you know when you talk of all sorts of nasty dirty sexual fantasies and anticipate about the moment when the two of you will take the plunge? Yes, that is what makes sex even more exciting.


Don’t Forget to Fondle: By this we mean foreplay, and why not! Foreplay is the appetizer for sex, without which the entire act is just a sham. Foreplay is also a show of love and longing, a hint of lust that foretells your need for your partner. Be sure to play the game of foreplay before jumping for the final act!


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Fulfil your Fantasies: Now let us face it, we all have fantasies and so do you. Do not shy away to let your partner know about your fantasies, this could spice up your sex life! We all do imagine about some particular kind of sex every now and then, so why not play them out in bed? Let the good times roll dear friend!


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Sex as a Pacifier:  Woody Allen once said, “I do not know the question, but sex is definitely the answer”. You may believe it or not, but sex is a great healer of emotions and problems between a couple. Sex is basically a good happy time that you spend with your beloved, and satisfy each other’s physical needs. Make peace with sex when fury is at its peak!


Drunk Sex: Alcohol even when is a repellent for most people, can in fact be a great inducer of sex. Now we do not mean that you get the other person drunk and take advantage, which would be absolutely wrong, we say you and your partner could have a few drinks as it removes all inhibitions. Sex can be free and wild.


Understanding Sex for Men and Women: Men and women have completely different understandings of sex. While men get visually aroused, women get aroused with intimacy and love. Each sex should remember this when trying to get the other to bed, homework helps!

A relationship is not just about walk down a sunlit sidewalk, but also about the animal instinct that is released between the two. Ladies jump on your man and throw him on the bed; men push your woman against the wall and make love like it is your last day on earth. Play hard, play wild.


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