Sex for the First Time after Marriage

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Jun 28, 2011

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Depressd coupleHaving sex after marriage for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience for many. Here are a few tips for the couples who decided to save it for their wedding night:

  • Sex for the first time after marriage is an intimate moment conforming to the vows that you just took. That is why it is called making love rather than having sex.
  • Intimate conversations can help you relax on the day of your wedding night.
  • Be comfortable and make her comfortable. Remember to take a shower and put on your best night dress. People having sex for the first time might often come across an entirely new set of feelings during this time. Learn to make the best use of it instead of hurrying for a quick intercourse. If you have a good intimate time, then the rest falls into place on its own.
  • Remember to indulge in elaborate foreplay and make sure that your partner is ready for the final act. You sure do not want some awkward moments in your love making sessions.
  • Make sure your wife is comfortable and enjoying each moment. Take hints from her body language. Most women take time to climax while having an intercourse. This situation is tricky for most men having sex for the first time after marriage.
  • You are now bonded together for life and every love making session should be a journey to know your partner well; every the first time that you have sex with her/him.
  • Set the mood before sex for the first time after marriage. Rushing into things can often leave the experience partially satisfying.




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  • anuj pandey01 Oct 2012

    hello doctor i am married but no idea about sex my wife is so afraid we dont know what medicine or cream and what diet we should take befor sex and after sex that help to less pain of my wife .she is very afraid obout pain .how can i manage less pain to my wife. can i take alchohel in first time or it will be dangerous for health i never taken alchohel. we are unable to do sex reson of my wife afraidness .help us in right manner that can helpful for us and we can perform and get baby as soon as