Senior Citizens and Eye flu

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Feb 01, 2013

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Senior citizens and infants need special care if they catch an infection. Talking specifically about conjunctivitis or eye flu, senior citizens do take a little longer to heal. Dr. Ashok Hansaria, Ophthalmologist at Shivam Netralaya says, “Senior citizens are already in a compromised state because of their age. Moreover, their recovery form conjunctivitis/eye flu also depends on their underlying health conditions such as history of diabetes, blood pressure and so on. As a result of this it is more taxing for them to deal with an additional health hazard.


Senior Citizens and Eye fluStrong immune system plays a vital role in resisting viral or bacterial infections. On one end of spectrum we have kids whose immune system isn’t fully developed and on the other end we have senior citizens whose resistance power of immune system is relatively weaker.


Major symptoms of Eye flu are:


•    Watery discharge from the eyes.

•    Congestion in the eyes.

•    Swelling of the eyelids.

•    Sticky eyelashes.

•    Irritation and burning sensation in the eyes with or without mild pain.


Dr Hansaria adds, “There might be some variations in the symptoms. Therefore, the infected person must immediately consult the eye specialist before taking antibiotic eye drops for symptomatic relief. People must make sure that they don’t indulge in self-medication because it can complicate conjunctivitis. ”




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