Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

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May 04, 2012

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  • Belly size is quite noticeable, you don't need to tell people about it.
  • Stretch marks occur in the buttocks, breasts, abdomen and upper part of arms.
  • Skin may become sensitive to the intensity of the sun.
  • Shortness of breath; your lungs start to process more air.

As your pregnancy has reached the second trimester stage, you need to be extra cautious in maintaining your health.

second trimester signs

The second trimester of pregnancy is one in which the expecting mom has got rid of the early pregnancy complications completely and looks forward to enjoying her experience. The much talked about pregnancy glow can be seen at this stage of the course of pregnancy.


Increased belly size

The belly size is quite noticeable at this stage and you are long past the stage when you needed to tell people about your condition. Uterus has expanded to give room to the growing baby.


Braxton Hicks Contractions

Tightening of the uterus at this stage is referred to Braxton Hicks Contractions. It happens for around 30 to 60 seconds.


Stretch marks

These are generally believed to occur after pregnancy but start to show at this stage. These could occur in the buttocks, breasts, abdomen and upper part of arms. The stretch marks are nearly always accompanied by itching at the area where the skin is stretched.


Skin changes

You will notice changes in skin colour. Certain areas of your may become darker. Particularly the skin around the nipples and the line running from the navel to the pubic bone becomes darker.


Sensitivity to sun

Some women complain of their skin having become sensitive to the intensity of the sun.


Vaginal discharge

White and thin vaginal discharge can be noticed in the second pregnancy trimester. Such a discharge is important from the point of view of maintaining the health of the foetus and the expecting mother as the acidic discharge is helpful in suppressing the harmful bacteria.


Shortness of breath

You are likely to face the problem of shortness of breath. This is due to the fact that your lungs start to process more air because oxygen needs to be carried to the placenta.

You cannot slacken with regards to taking care but certainly begin to enjoy your blessedness of being pregnant. It is important that you continue with your general routine of pregnancy as it was before but make sure that whatever changes recommended by your health care provider is being followed by you.



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  • Gourav 04 May 2012

    apart from this are there any other changes that second trimester of pregnancy brings with it. If so than please notify me.

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