Second hand emotion

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Feb 04, 2011

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There's more to life than love -- like the mobile phone for instance


Me writing on love and the likes is probably similar to Kevin Federline being miscast in a Zhang Zimou production. You see, I stay in for days cocooned in my studio, the only interaction with another human being my housekeeper. When I eventually venture out for an event or a night out, it's then when I realise how retarded my inter-personal skills have become.




A Patricia Cornwell book seems like a better bet than calling up my entire phonebook to say every two months, "guess what, we broke up..." Dating somebody, for instant gratification vis-Ã -vis companionship and other demented variables, only to have it fizzle out in a bit is not what I look for. I took a decision a while back -- I would not settle for someone who didn't deserve me.


We see friends breaking up ever so often, only to wallow in self-pity, get back together and end it yet again.


Those who manage an anniversary of sorts almost seem to celebrate with a disclaimer dangling over their heads.


For me, my current love life or lack thereof is a magnification of my life in general. I belong to the fashion industry, and yet I don't really belong -- I can't network, my idea of making polite talk is to circumvent the person in question, I rather drink wine from the bottle, I'm more comfortable sitting cross legged on the floor than squishing my plus sized frame into a uncomfortable stuffed chair… you get the picture.


Then again, I've always been this way. I've had awkward school memories, forgettable undergrad years and squeamish post grad months.  Post that I've developed a better sense of self worth but then again, that's been validated only by my mirror (which casts narrower reflections).


What is always required is a brill support system, not just in the times when you are contemplating stubbing out cigarettes in someone's eyes, but also when you feel like you are on the best magic mushroom trip. I've been lucky I guess -- I have a host of 4.30 am friends. They have invested a lot in me as I have, and they sure as hell do a great job in making sure I stay disenchanted most of the time.


We always put immense pressure onto people; coercing them to be in a relationship, find happiness (if in the sack even better), but I would rather settle for tough love any day. Just as my garments, I believe my approach to dating/ relationships should have a beginner's sense of humour. Fun not tragically funny -- that would just be mind numbing. And as disgruntled as I may sound, I will admit this -- it's great to see people in love especially the young ones; they have no clue what's in store for them. As for me, I prefer the long distance deal, trust me on that -- I sound better on the phone, I look great on the phone, I turn out more articulate and I relate better to a mobile than a person.


The writer is the Enfant Terrible of Indian fashion.



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