Take Care of Your Cholesterol Level in Winter, as it Spikes in Winter Months and Changes with Seasons

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Mar 29, 2014

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A research by an Indian American Researcher shows that cholesterol levels increase in winter months. The researcher said that this may be because of behavioural changes that get triggered by changing seasons.

cholesterolEven though studies in the past have shows that heart attacks as well as heart-related deaths increase in winters, the researchers wanted to find out whether cholesterol levels also follow the same trend.

The study was carried out on a grand scale representing 2.8 million adults, making it the largest study until now to look at seasonal lipid trends. The researchers suggest that people develop worse cholesterol levels during colder months compared with warmer months. Even though the variation is not a large amount, it sure is a significant variation.

The data validates the need to pay attention to behaviours that are important in managing cardiovascular health. That is to say we tend to roam about in summer i.e. go outdoors, take part in physical activities, etc that help us to keep our cholesterol levels within the normal range. In winter, this is not the case. In winter, we tend to keep to our comfort blankets and eat lots of fatty food and get the least exercise.


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Article source: Health.India.com


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