Scientists find the Body’s "Reset Button"

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Oct 09, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • New study reveals body's clock can be switched to a new time zone in just one day.
  • There is a master clock in brain that controls the body's clock.
  • Interfering with brain cells can help to adjust to a different time zone in just one day.

A team of researchers at Kyoto University have found the reset button of our body’s clock inside the brain. The study shows that the button can be switched to a new time zone in just one day.

Cure for jet lagThere are several clocks throughout the body and one singular master clock in the brain, which keeps the body in sync with the world that exists around it to make the people sleepy at night. Those who have been part of shift work or long-haul flight have experienced a shift in their pattern of sleep and hunger. This is usually out of tune with the rising and setting of the sun.

The body’s master clock makes use of light to keep a track of time, though it is naturally adjusts slowly because of its stubbornness. The fact is that for every time zone that is crossed, it will take at least one day for the body’s clock to adjust to the shift.

Japanese researchers have found a way to tell the master clock to be slightly more flexible. They said that there are a set of brain cells that talk to each other to keep a control over time. When one interferes with the vasopressin receptors, the clock shifts rapidly. Vasopressin receptors are those brain cells that allow the brain to keep in touch with the neighbours.

When the researchers observed the genetically modified mice that did not have vasopressin receptors they found that the mice were able to adjust to a different clock within a single day, but the normal mice took about six days to adjust to the same changes.

The study was published in the journal Science.


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