Scientists Find Switch that Puts Our Brain to Sleep

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Feb 20, 2014

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Scientists think they have discovered the cure for insomnia. They have found a ‘switch’ in the brain that tells our bodies when to go to sleep.

insomnia cureThe neurologists at the Oxford University could pave the way for a treatment to combat sleep disorders such as insomnia. Described as a ‘homeostat’ the switch works by regulating neurons in the brain when the body is tired.

The researchers demonstrated the theory on fruit flies, creating insomniac insects. According to them, there is a similar group of neurons in the human brain. Researchers are now trying to find out how to activate the sleep switch.

The big question before them now is to figure out what internal signal the sleep switch responds to. ‘What do these sleep-promoting cells monitor while we are awake? They will be closer to insomnia cure when they find what happens in the brain during waking that requires sleep to reset.

(Source: Daily Mail)






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