Scar-free Surgery to Remove Appendix

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Apr 12, 2012

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Scar free Surgery to Remove AppendixRecent advancement in health care is the scar-free operation that takes out appendix without causing discomfort.  Over 1,000 patients in Europe and United States have had successful orifice surgeries to get rid of appendix. In these natural orifices surgeries, surgeons remove patients’ appendix through mouth, vagina, urethra or rectum.

Surgeons across the globe see this healthcare breakthrough as one of the most significant of recent times, which enables them to abstain from cutting skin for removing or repairing body organs. Owing to few and smaller incisions, infection risks will be substantially lowered. Besides, scar-less surgical operation renders several other benefits.

Gastroenterologist consultant of Imperial College London, Dr. Julian Teare, rated scar-less surgical operation as good as conventional approach as it accompanies advantages like lowered risk of infection. She added that this evolving concept for intra-abdominal medical surgeries indicate revolutionary advancement in health care sector.

Modern operation begins with surgeon working with a long endoscope. This endoscope is a thin flexible tube carrying light video camera and other equipment for surgery. Endoscope is then inserted into an appropriate orifice to remove appendix.

In order to remove gallbladder, endoscope is pushed in through mouth. This endoscope carries a tiny blade along for making an incision within stomach. Thereafter, a balloon is inflated to expand opening for easing surgical operation. This way, gallbladder is cut into pieces so it fits into the endoscope and is extracted easily through mouth.



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