Salt in Medications may Pose Health Risks in People

By  , BBC News
Nov 28, 2013

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salt in medicationsAccording to researchers in the UK, soluble painkillers that about millions of people have been taking can pose the threat of a health risk in them. The researchers also pointed out that because the labeling on products does not make a mention of how much sodium the product has, it is difficult for people to even tell if the medication has any sodium at all.

The researchers concluded by referring to the importance of labeling these medications and putting it on them that the product contains sodium if it contains at least 1 mmol or 23mg of sodium. The accompanying information leaflet for the patient provides information on the amount of sodium so that it warns patients on a low-sodium diet about possible consequences. It was observed that those people who took soluble medications increased their chances of going through stroke, heart attack or death due to some vascular cause by about fifth. These patients were also 7 times more likely to develop hypertension or high blood pressure, which according to the researchers is the root of the problem.

The British Heart Foundation pointed out that it was important for one to remember that the research applied to those people who were taking such medicines every day and that it did not mean damage of heart’s health because of occasional use.

Summary: If you take soluble medicines every day, you are at a high risk of developing heart diseases.

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