Rules for Sexting!

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Mar 14, 2012

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Rules for Sexting

“Sexting” is a new-fangled term arising from the SMS vocabulary that has developed of late. This is all about having fun with your phone in the erotic way. When done between two consenting couples, sexting can be fun but there is a fine line between being fun and turning filthy. However, it is a great new way of foreplay between two adults in intimate relationship. Just a button press and instant sexual tension is unfolded, with a good potential for different kinds of touches in the future.

Now, there are some unwritten rules of sexting which keeps you safe from being exploited and also ensure that you have a great time with it.


These are:

  • Sext only those people with whom you are intimate. Otherwise the inappropriate conversation between you and your partner might find its way on the social media. You need to prevent your sexts from going into the wrong hands. So, you should not send a sext to your boss, someone in a relationship, or anyone who is not available for you.
  • Do not use official or any other public communication platform for sexting. Any official correspondence medium you use is owned by your company and therefore, you never know when your boss or anyone else gets the opportunity to look at what you used it for.
  • If you are dumb enough to take pictures or videos of your illicit sexcapades, at least have the decency or the common sense to refrain from sending them as a sext.
  • Make doubly sure that the no. to which your sext is being sent is indeed the intended one. It often happens that your mind is too caught up to care about being careful about the number.
  • Never sext when you are drunk. If you think drunk driving or drunken calls are bad, why should sexting be any different! This is because you never know how much your private stuff might circulate in the social circle of the person to whom you have sent the sext. You might have intended it for the particular person only but it can go to many more for sure.
  • Erase the sexts from your device as soon as you are done with sending it. If you do it very often, keep deleting the sexts so that there is no trouble in case you lose your phone. If you do lose it while it is full of sexts, imagine what would become of the various clips and images that you so gleefully accumulated in there! The best way to deal with them is to keep them in a locked or password protected folder in your PC after transferring it from your phone.


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