Rozlyn Khan Breast Cancer Awareness Strips

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Apr 26, 2012

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Rozlyn Khan Strips for Breast Cancer AwarenessRozlyn Khan, emerging bollywood actress, took a step ahead posting informative breast cancer awareness visual after semi-nude video on youtube last week. Hailing from Jaipur, courageous model uploaded her topless stills online, following it up with video illustrating six self-examination steps to identify breast cancer.

It was almost a repeat of what Poonam Pandey did during the Cricket World Cup, as social networking and internet made updates viral. According to Rozlyn, her four-minute visual provides an insight on breast cancer, helpful for determining malady early.

Explaining her act, she said, “My sole aim is to spread awareness for breast cancer and I was motivated to take this big step because of a close friend who is suffering from breast cancer. Had I been wearing a sari, nobody would have watched the video. Therefore, I decided to click topless pictures because we all know that early detection of breast cancer can save lives.”

She was deeply moved by suffering of her close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer few months earlier. There was sudden change in attitude of everyone around her with relatives having no interest in getting her treated. Rozyln tells that her friend somehow arranged finances for treatment. Strangely, even after getting treated her family didn’t accept her.

Ignorance of the malady was her concern as many women don’t turn up for check-up until critical stage arrives, reason for her bold initiative. Indian actress cautioned fashion enthusiast girls for the risks associated with breast implantation or breast enlargement cosmetic surgery, which is one of foremost causes of breast cancer.

She expressed that breast cancer surgery should be made free in India so nobody goes through trauma like her friend. In the quest to take her initiative further, she said that she will do another video in English so that message gets conveyed to masses.
‘Dhama Choukdi’, directed by Arhan, is an upcoming bollywood flick starring Rozlyn Khan. Her campaign against breast cancer is another booster for forthcoming movie.



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