Romance Tips:Add Some Spark to your Love Life

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Dec 31, 2010

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Quick Bites

  • Take your partner out from time-to-time to focus solely on the relationship.
  • Try a erotic games or be a masseur for your partner for a day.
  • If possible go on a couples-only vacation, from time to time.
  • Surprise your lover with thoughtful gifts, whenever you can.

Relationships can be an ultimate source of happiness, but they can also lead to disappointment when the magic of love starts fading. To keep a spark alive in your relationship, you will have to breathe life into it from time-to-time.


add spark relationship


Here’s how you can add spark in your relationship that is missing.


Don’t give up the dating habit

Once you marry and have a family, things may change as they used to be when you first met your soul mate. Take your partner out to focus solely on the relationship. Make time together a priority, and make it as special as your first date. Dress up, go to a fancy restaurant or go dancing.


Nothing pleases us more than gifts

Surprise your lover with thoughtful gifts, whenever you can. The presents, flowers and gifts can bring back the spark that once was in your relationship. It is one way to tell your special one how special they are to you. And, you will also be able to bring a little romance back into the relationship.


Spice things up a little

After years together, it is normal for desire to fade. This is why you need to spice things up. Get out of the routine, be adventurous and break that old pattern. You can try a erotic games or be a masseur for your partner for a day. There are endless ways to explore each other in exciting new ways.


Make time for each other

What do married couples talk about with each other – about bills or kids. In other words, there is not much time to talk to each other / about each other. You need to talk to each other, and not just about bills or the kids. Wait for date night to connect on an intellectual and emotional level. You need to have real conversations about how you feel about them and ways to laugh together.


Do fitness together

There are several benefits of getting active together; it helps increase intimacy between couples, keeps you fit and many more. You can go for walks or join a dance class. In other ways, you have to find ways to involve your lover in your recreation.


keep spark alive relationship


Take a holiday

Everyday hustle-bustle and busy schedules don’t allow us spend time with our dear-ones. If possible go on a couples-only vacation, from time to time. This renews the relationship in a completely new environment. If you can’t take a vacation, spending one night at the nicest hotel in town can do a lot of good.



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