Report Suggests over 9,000 HIV Positive Cases in Assam

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Aug 14, 2014

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Increase in AIDS cases in AssamA new report suggests that there are now over 9,000 cases of HIV that has been detected so far in the state of Assam located in the north east of India. A written reply has been furnished in the Assembly on behalf of the Health Minister, State Agriculture Minister Nilamani Sen Deka said so on March 31, 2014. There have been a total of 9,110 cases of HIV positive people in the state.

The numbers and statistics say that the highest number of cases have been found in Kamrup Metro district with a  total of 3,570 cases, followed by Cachar that has a total of 1,866 cases, then Dibrugarh with 630, Nagaon with 418 and finally Golaghat with 304 cases.

The State Agriculture Minister Nilamana Sen Deka said that necessary steps have been taken to prevent HIV/AIDS. The Addam State AIDS Control Society has implemented the National AIDS Control Program as per the strategic plan of the Department of AIDS Control.
This alarming rate in the state means that the government should be working towards educating the state. It is important to teach the use of protection when having sexual intercourse, and it is also very important for all to get tested.

The targeted intervention is much needed under such a circumstance, among the targeted group, high risk groups such as female sex workers, injecting drug users, truckers, migrants and others are selected. They need to be taught and made aware of the consequences.

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