Remedies for Diaper Rash

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May 03, 2011

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diaperAs anyone with children knows, one of the things that bother mommies most when it comes to taking care of infants is the problem of diaper rash. Diaper rash, for the uninitiated, is that irritated bit of skin on a baby which has been caused by the rubbing of the diaper on the baby’s soft skin. It is often red, cracked and very painful to the baby. In more severe cases, it can have blisters on it and is sometimes puffy. A baby bothered by a diaper rash will often cry until he is made to feel comfortable or falls asleep.

The best way to deal with diaper rash, of course, is to go without the diaper. According to Delhi-based paediatrician Dr. Kanta Gaur, “The best cure for diaper rash is to let the baby stay without a diaper for as long as possible. Airing out the rash is the fastest cure for it. Try letting your baby be without a diaper for an hour at a stretch several times in a day.” This could be a problem for some parents, but it is advisable to try it as much as possible.

But the first thing to be done if a baby is uncomfortable because of a diaper rash is to ensure that is feels comfortable. “To make the baby more comfortable when he has diaper rash, you could try laying the baby on soft cotton sheets without the diaper for a while, says Dr, Gaur, “This should ease him a bit.” She recommends the use of pure aloe vera gel on the rash to soothe the itch and discomfort.

Other remedies for diaper rash include putting some oatmeal in the baby’s bathing water. Keep the baby’s bottom in this water for a short while to ease diaper rashes. Another method recommended by grandmothers is to use mild and cooling natural substances like sandalwood paste and almond oil. There are also several ointments that claim to cure diaper rash, but experienced mothers advice it with caution. Ointments can be hard to take off without worsening the rash, and could end up making the baby more uncomfortable than before.

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