Reasons for Irregular Periods after Marriage

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Jul 19, 2011

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One of the most common reasons for irregular periods after marriage is the emotional and hormonal change that a woman undergoes after marriage. Irregular periods are not a major cause for worry as several treatment options are available. Fluctuation in periods might be an indication of disturbance in the usual chain of hormonal events that control menstruation.


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Reasons for irregular periods after marriage

• Hormonal changes are common after marriage and can lead to cysts in the ovaries, changes in the menstrual cycle and trouble in getting pregnant.
• Generally, a woman becomes sexually active after marriage and starts taking birth control measures such as pills. These pills alter the oestrogen levels in the body. The body needs time to adjust to these increased hormonal levels. Therefore, there is a change in the time, amount and regularity of the periods.
• Post marriage, a woman may go through either weight gain or loss. Since a hormonal imbalance occurs, the body takes a while to adjust to the changes and that leads to irregular periods.

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• Often due to emotional stress, the reproductive health is compromised which has a direct effect on the menstrual cycle. A woman goes through a lot of changes after marriage. Anxiety, excess worry or fatigue may cause a disrupted menstrual cycle. They not only lead to irregular periods but also weight gain.
• Various eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia can also have an effect on the regular cycle. Eating healthy is very important as poor nutrition also upsets the hormonal balance in the body.

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• Over consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes are other reasons for irregular periods. Smoking shortens the follicular and luteal phase, leading to changes in the menstrual cycle.
• Chemotherapy, recent childbirth, and uterine abnormalities such as fibroids, cysts, endometriosis or miscarriage can also effect the menstrual cycle. A onetime irregular period is not a matter of concern but long time irregularity should definitely be investigated.


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In case of irregular periods, your gynaecologist will make a physical examination and ask for your medical records. Ultrasound, blood-test and a biopsy can help determine the cause which can then be treated. Irregular periods after marriage, though a cause for concern should not become a cause for panic. Hormonal treatments and regular optimum levels of exercise can take care of this condition effectively.




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  • Preeti01 Oct 2012

    Birth control pills are never very good or beneficial for a woman's health i infer.

  • amita22 Mar 2012

    hi i m amita.i m married before 1 year.i never take any peel and never got any infections.i have regular period but its like 3 months so so after marriage i m very nervous.i want that my period being last periods on 23 december so give me suggestions related my problem.

  • chandani20 Mar 2012

    i have irregular period and i only have mc when i take medicine for it,i m very confuse n feel nervous,we try for pregnancy from last 6 months but still i m not pregnant.what can i do plz answer me?i took krimson 35 for mc before mrg n took elogen after marriage but i stopped to take pills last 7 months for planning pregnancy?what can i do next?

  • Zainab Usman 27 Jan 2012

    hi my name is zainab n i am from Pakistan . Its been 9 months i am married and 2 months after i got married i started having irregular menstral cycle because of which i cannot get pregnant .. I have visited my doctor she prescribed me the tablet DUPHUSTON fr 5 days . This was also nt effective then she prescribed me PROGYLUTON for 21 days .. I had my last periods on november 29 and havent had them till nw as it has been almost 2 months ..

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