Reasons to have Good Sex Life

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Jan 16, 2012

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Reasons to have good sex life

Sex is an important part of one’s life, which must not be taken for granted. Healthy sex enhances one’s lifestyle and couples, who indulge in healthy sex practices, have much more to gain than those who don’t. Study has it that people, who have safe and satisfying sex, are not only emotionally secure but also physically healthy. Besides, couples, who are content with their sex life, are happier in their relationships.

The issue, however, lies in achieving a healthy sex life because it requires effort. If the above reasons aren’t enough, here are more to tell you why it is important to have a good sex life.

  • Sex in a monogamous relationship is especially important. Most couples wake up one morning only to realize that sex is no more a part of their relationship. While sex appears exciting in the beginning of a relationship, it doesn’t stay so when the indulgence becomes monotonous. Furthermore, sex life gets disrupted when one’s priorities change. This lack of sex in one’s life or disconnection happens especially in older couples when changes in the body heighten. Considering that changes in one’s body are inevitable, one must keep the spark for as long as possible. Ensure to keep the lines of communication open because it helps to make one’s relationship better. Therefore, discuss your sexual problems with your partner and vice versa to ensure a better sex life. Doing so will keep emotional stress at bay. You will only be happier by discussing.
  • Good sex life keeps you safe: Since ages, people have been taught to indulge in safe sex to avoid the chances of having STD’s. If you are not in a monogamous relationship, make sure that you use latex condoms and a spermicide while having sex.
  • Good sex life helps manage medical problems: There are age related medical problems such as arthritis, diabetes etc that can make having sex uncomfortable. Discuss with your health care professional about these problems before they hinder your sex life.


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